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Wow! Thanks @ 6750 Subscribers

Wow. That’s 2/3rds of 10,000 people. 

  • It’s several very full communter trains
  • It’s several very large schools
  • It’s about as many people as voted for my local MP
  • It’s about as many “families” that “need fathers” (link)

And here I was just doing my own thing, and while trying to find how to update something (which was proving very good at hiding from me) I came across this:

marcus users apr 2018
marcus users apr 2018

I hadn’t ever looked at subscribers, I merely used ultimate member to control access to certain pages.  So expecting just the 6 family members, imagine my shock to find another 6700 people + in the kitchen enjoying the coffee 🙂  –> i.e. had found the content to be interesting enough to sign up  & follow.

It kind of knocked me on my ass for 5 minutes !!!

It is really humbling that there is so much support for my various ramblings, which was a really just a personal blog or collection of things of interest affecting people and society.

I’ll be making much more of an effort in future, now that I know it’s become much more than a special online diary, and I hope you notice the change.

So never imagining i’d have to say this (because I never once went looking for it) :