Why should schools (or anyone) care?

…especially if they have reason to suspect any kids have problems, reasons such as direct evidence delivered in person perhaps?

If only ……. 🙂

Society is broken. And it is  true that “somebody else’s problem” really is all of our problems.

That is, infact, one interpretation of what society means.

And if Judges, or schools, or social workers, or psychiatrists ignore reality to such an extent they they can only be classed as either evil or insane, then they too will pay the price that Karma demands.  Firstly directly through their taxes, as they have to socially support the broken homes which they cause or ignore, which they pay, ironically, with the public-sector jobs that they sleep-walk their way through; secondly through the risk that someone may go off the rails (which is greater in America, but the UK often follows at some point down the line) – indeed we already have massive knife violence in and around UK schools; and thirdly by the ultimate war when the UK’s creditors ask for the massive public debts to be repaid, which is around 3-5 years of the entire salary of workers in the UK, and much of the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia.

Bear this in mind, the next time you look the other way, and ignore evil.


If you could see me now :)))

7…8…9…10 – coming ready or nooooOOoootttt 🙂

What can we learn from music & lyrics?

The script Nails it once again. Are these guys not the deepest songwriters and lyricists on the planet today?

Quick recap:

every day, every hour turn your pain into power !!!!!!!

…. and on a related but separate note … does the guy from Passenger not have the most incredible, distinctive voice ever?